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Autumn Race 4

Here is a bit of news handed to me on Wednesday night during our meal inside the club just prior to our prizegiving.  It is about a boat that used to race with GFS.  Thompson 8 Sports Boat “Rush” in the 45 mile Marley Point Race on 7/8 March 2015 on Gippsland Lakes, Victoria.

A copy of a letter sent to Darren Spence Digital Director Australian Sports Boat Association.

By RV (sorry no photographs-it was an overnight race-I could have put up a black photograph).

“Hi Darren

Sorry not able to report Sunday, finished at 5 AM some celebratory beers and some sleep before I’m reading getting a declaration in and breakfast at the club 12:30 PM will stop by this time we are all looking for some more sleep.  Least that’s my excuse.

The race.  Most difficult part was getting to the start from Paynesville if you are elected to motor down into a stiff breeze and nasty chop, we achieved 3 kn with 5 hp going hard, 12 L gone before the end will stop sailed the bottom lake, wet trip lots of water in the boat no time for the crew to go ashore and to attend the briefing and get back.  Sent one member to do the formalities (our female lawyer).

Start 7:45 PM.  One line 120 boats in the dark.  Tight reach with masthead chute across Lake Wellington, 1st into the river with a group of tri’s on our tail.  Breeze was up and down in the river the gap ever-changing.  Managed to get out of the river in front of 2 tri’s hanging on.  Fickle breeze in the top lake, down  to 2 tri’s and us.  The Corsair 28 got through, we read took the lead again before the club finish 1st time.  Only the lap of Raymond Island to go.  Had a nice break into Lake King, only to see him catch us up at the back of the island.  Held on for line honours by 50 metres.  Big thanks to the great crew Peter Antill, Jill & Steve Brajkovich, Tim Ellis and Dirk Hoogland,

Graham Coffey RUSH”


First prizes from the Australia Day Regatta were presented at Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday March 17

You can see the smiling faces of the GFS first place getters from GFS’s Mind/Matter, Zig Zag, Evo, Sabotage and Vitesse with the Australia Day Race Committee person at the Town Hall reception in the photo.

The wind prediction luckily was less than the wind that actually appeared and this fortunate circumstance meant that all competitors were able to not only get through the city on the way Down Harbour, but to return to Greenwich as well.

Blue Division had a significantly large fleet of 12 yachts and with a close start out through Humbug resulted in some displaying their skill with spinnakers. Forte Forever were a bit late as they were trying to locate where they had left their third crew person (perhaps in the dinghy with the unneeded sails) and gave the fleet a bit of a start.  Solitude made it to Clark ahead but were tackled by a swarm of larger boats by the bridge – Flashback, Conquista and Gwhizz took up the running.  Blue Chip and Chloe kept about the same distance as they are on their moorings although they were being harassed by Eggs. Young Obsession, Forte and Peachy Velociteats also were locked together on the run home.  Speedwell, Forte4ever and Irukandgi also seemed inseparable. Paul’s Obsession and Brian’s Teats had significant spinnaker moments after Balls Head which was opportune in the case of the Obsessives as the leeward crew was in need of cooling down.

In White, Tana, Out of Africa and New Territories escaped leaving Paca and Joka to discuss the merits of nuclear warhead tests in the vicinity of Onions Point. New Territories got there and back with withering speed as though they were escaping Hong Kong, especially with their large kite requiring a crew nearly equal the size of that on Flashback. The White Fleet won the ‘covered the biggest length of the harbour’ award as they finished almost regularly at 5 minute intervals well into the night.

The Red match race continued with Flair and Zig Zag displaying excellent sailing ability. Enough said, albeit to note that Barubi was away and sailing in the Endeavour Yachts 50th Anniversary Regatta held at Botany Bay by Botany Bay Yacht Club. I hope the Wise crew made more of an impact than Captain Arthur Phillip. A pleasant Saturday sail was held on the Bay, but Sunday was special!

Barubi_dh7  Sunday 15 March 2015


apologies to Brian but we have to do add this one



Budding photojournalist/s or budding reporters to submit photographs and stories we can publish on this website.

Send emails to RV, Graham Davy, David Edmiston or any of the committee.  They will be published provided they are PC and suitable for public viewing.                         …RV

PS some photographs of the twilight sky or yachts racing in GFS events…….

DSC03362  Ho Ho

Does it get any better than this?

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