This is a page for GFS Junior, Youth and Laser sailors.

The 2015 – 2016 Season commences on Sunday September 13 for both Sabot and Laser classes.


2015 – 2016 Club Program

GFS Sailing Prog_2015 – 2016


Sabot Safety Checklist         Junior Sailing Consent Form 

Sailing Instructions_2014_2015    ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016

ISAF Rules Protest Form 2013-2016    Roads & Maritime Web Site – Vessel Incident Report

R & M Recreational Vessel Incident Report Form


2014 – 2015 Sunday sailing at GFS starts on September 14.  As usual we will be racing Juniors in Sabots from 2.00pm and Lasers from 3pm.

All Sunday sailors should now be paid up, if not membership renewal can be accessed through the club website here.

All competing boats must now carry third party liability insurance of $10Million.
All competitors must wear RMS approved PDFs and carry safety equipment. 

Rich Imlay is acting as Rear Commodore Junior sailing until we can get a new recruit to the role.

Rich explains…. After 8 years and putting my three kids sailing through GFS it is time for us to “hang up the boots”.  My kids have transitioned to more senior dinghies at Lane Cove, but they will all still put in appearances at GFS on most Sundays.

I am hoping that someone else in the club or perhaps a new entrant would be interested in taking up responsibility for Sundays. This could be a Sabot parent or a Laser sailor. The role is quite manageable if you can delegate responsibilities amongst a willing volunteer base.

Rear Commodore (RC) GFS Centreboards.
The role requires co-ordination of Sunday Sailing between Sabots and Lasers. Lasers are managed by the Laser Class Captain. However the system is set up so that a Laser member could be rear commodore with a class captain for Sabots.  The rear Commodore holds a committee role and provides the conduit of Club Management to the Sunday Sailors. The role also requires identification and communication of Sunday Sailing issues, needs and input to the Committee Sabots Administration requires the organisation of the Sailing Calendar in collaboration with the GFS Sailing Secretary. The full list of responsibilities for the Centreboard Rear Commodore is here.

Most clubs suffer from ageing memberships and the ongoing vitality of the sport is going to be compromised if we don’t promote junior sailors and youth sailing. We have had a vibrant junior fleet for the past few years. It is now time for someone with a vested interest and energy to keep this going at GFS. While Rich is available it is a great opportunity for a new person to try out the role and see if it is just as easy as Rich says.

Please give it some serious thought, it is an important part of GFS and even more important to the sport of sailing.



If you have news or information you want shared concerning this dingy sailing then contact Rich Imlay about junior and youth sailing or Ken Gibson about Laser sailing.