GFS Twilight clips on YouTube

Spring Race 7

GFS Starfire on fire

GFS Red, Yellow & White Div Start

GFSGreen and Blue Div Start

GFSJaytripper & Jayded

GFS Pegasus & Pejo Lark

GFS Capriole

Autumn Race 2

GFS Twilight Blue Div

GFS Twilights Blue 2

GFS Twilight Green Div

GFS Twilight Racing Amateau and White

GFS White Div Start from Amateau Feb 16

Sydney Harbour Night Ferry to Woolwich

Autumn Race 6 -9 Mar

Mick York coming down Humbug

Red Div drifting around Spectacle

Autumn Race 8 - 23 Mar


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Video Clips
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Arawa and Meridian of Greenwich


The Saints

The Adams

Video Clips
Kaos, Out of Africa, Wgara, Amateau, Rex and Sweet Chariot Wed 6/12/06.


Wgara, Rex &
Out of Africa