Twilighters and Saturday Sailors
A 5 month construction of a new wharf off
Longnose Point, Birchgrove began last week.

You’ll note from the image above, the existing wharf
is being entirely replaced by a structure which will extend
a further 12 metres into Parramatta River.


A healthy crowd of skippers and crew attended the skippers’ information evening on Wednesday September 27 at the GFS clubhouse.

Is is an essential that all participants in GFS events are made aware of their requirements and the clubs responsibilities.


If you missed the evening please read the summary of the presentation here.  Have your crew view it as well. This presentation is also on the Yachts – Racing Information page.


The night culminated with a tour of the Water Police vessel and off course the extended discussion on the fabled ‘Deck of All Knowledge’.




A very important key learning from last night…
If you have an on-board emergency  and need to call for help,
in order of priority:
(i)                Call VHF 16
(ii)               Marine Rescue (02) 9969 3270
(iii)              The Water Police at Marine Area Command (Balmain) – (02) 9320 7499.


Equipment auditors will check the the equipment listed on the Category 7 form available on the GFS website (here).

A detailed description of the required items which has been supplied to auditors is available here. 




It was good to see boats well-prepared for their audit – as you can see it kept the GFS Auditors very happy!



Entries are now open for the 2017 – 2018 Sailing Season. Go to the Yachts – Racing Information page for details and instructions.

The link to the TopYacht Entry System is also on the Racing Information page or here.

Please make sure that you only enter the series in which you intend to sail.  The Season Program, Equipment Audit Form, GFS Safety Card and Sailing Instructions (full version) are also available on the Racing Information page.

Congratulations to intrepid GFS Commodore David for his seventh (?) placing in the recent Laser World’s in the GGM Class. A very credible result considering the 60 odd boats contesting the GGM and 75+ classes.




Click to enlarge




The event was conducted by the Mornar Sailing Club in Split, Croatia. Geoff Lucas also contested the 75+ class and Kevin Phillips the GGM Class.

Yes it was a windy afternoon. Course 30 kept the fleet between Spectacle and Snapper Islands and the ‘top’ mark at Longnose Point.

Please note that the starters flew the WHITE flag to signal the start of  Division 2. See the Course sheet for details.



The wind was so bad that as yet the results have not appeared on the website. I’m sure they will shortly!

Well done to those that braved the windy conditions.


Chloe, Paca and StarElan




Audits will be conducted from 0900 hours (until 1200 hours).  It is a race day for Saturday Series yachts.

Please have the audit form completed and the equipment to be checked laid out.

Fire extinguishers can be checked at the club – $10 donation to YOTS.

Download a copy of the Equipment Audit form, GFS Sailing Instructions and GFS Safety Card from the GFS Yachts Page and have either an electronic or hard copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing. These are on the Yachts Page or click here.

Have a proof of insurance document available to be sighted by the auditor.

The required documents can be located on the Yachts page.

Please note that the house immediately above the clubhouse (#19) is due to be auctioned on site at 1045 hours on Saturday. I would expect that traffic in Bay Street will be just peachy!

Sorry for the late notice.

Down Harbour Divisions are on the Yachts – Results tab – 2017 2018 Season – Down Harbour Series.

Please note the Divisions are different to the Saturday Series Divisions. The starting order is –

Blue – Yachts

White – Etchells and Sports Boats

Red – Yachts

Some Down Harbour Courses are different please read the course sheet carefully.  Keep on the required side of the Bradleys Head safe water mark.

It was reported that last weekend the Nielsen Park YA mark was barely above water.

The breeze should be brisk please sail safely and keep a look-out.

Race 1 of the Saturday Spring Series is next Saturday September 2.

Please make sure current race documents (Equipment Audit and Insurance) are uploaded prior to racing.

Saturday Spring Series Divisions (note these will be different for next week Down Harbour Race 1) –

1 FORTE FOREVER 44 Etchells
1 FLASHBACK 227 Young 40
1 BEWARE OF THE DOG! 2501 Mungral 25
1 G-WHIZZ 3425 Elan 340
1 BLUE CHIP 3604 Robertson 950
1 IRUKANDJI 6358 Northshore 369
1 HASTA LA VISTA 7129 Dehler 32
1 FOXY AUS758 Etchells
1 TISM AUS759 Etchells
1 CHLOE AUS762 Etchells
1 PACIFIC EDGE KA59 Etchells


2 UMZIMKULU 2 28 Holland 30
2 SPIKE 196 J70
2 FLAIR 1531 South Coast Magnum
2 JOKA 3608 Cavalier 28
2 SPEEDWELL 4113 Young 88
2 SILVER SPRAY 4409 Northshore 33
2 VAKA TOTOLO 6370 Young 88
2 PACA 6694 Beneteau First 27.7
2 STARELAN 7051 Elan 320
2 MISTRESS M101 Adams 31

If you did not receive a course sheet at the Equipment Audit it is available on the Yachts – Racing Information page or here.

The 2017 – 2018 Sailing Program is also on the Yachts – Racing Information page or here.

Best luck for the 2017 – 2018 season.

Very choppy on the Lane Cove River (looking West), Friday August 18 around 11:00 am, photo courtesy John Veale. Click to enlarge.

Equipment Audits for Twilight Yachts –

Audit 2 Saturday 16th September and,

Audit 3 Sunday 24th September.

Audits will be conducted between 9.00am and 12.00 noon on a first come, first served basis.

Fire Extinguishers can be checked on the morning of Saturday 16th September. Cost is a $10 per fire extinguisher and  the fees will donated to YOTS.

A couple of reminders to help make the process as simple and seamless as possible:

    All gear should be laid out including all the elements of the first aid kit and lifejackets for easy inspection and swift sign off (check your saline solution – there is a good chance it will be out of date).

Download a copy of the GFS Sailing Instructions and GFS Safety Card from the GFS Yachts Page and have either an electronic or hard copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing. A link to the yachts Page is here.


    Prior to the inspection the forms should be completed with all relevant details and the owners column (P) ticked or initialed for the auditors to check.


    Once the process (including sign off of outstanding items) is complete, 2017/18 RMS Stickers will be issued (inshore/offshore as applicable)

A hard copy of the GFS Season Program and 2017 – 2018 GFS Course Sheet will be available from the auditors.

Please upload you completed audit form to Top Yacht.

The annual working bee hit the clubhouse like a fierce storm. The fury of activity left no corner of the club, deck, surrounds and facilities untouched.


It was gratifying to see the 30 or so members engaged in these activities to ensure the club was ready for the coming season which kicks off with the first Saturday Spring Series race on September 2.





Saturday 29 July 2017 signalled the start of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s 32nd Land Rover Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race. The CYCA believes this event is second only in status to the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race among long ocean races conducted by the Club.

GFS yacht Ausreo (Ian Creak) with Jim Lelliott as Sailing Master had impressive results finishing 2nd Overall, second on ORCi, 1st in IRC Division 3 and second on ORCi Division 3. Several club members including Philip Lambe and Danni Birchill flew to the Gold Coast to join Ausreo for the sail back to Sydney. Photos courtesy CYCA.


Previous Commodore Martin Sheppard and brother Derek were also successful finishing 3rd in IRC Division 3 in their yacht Black Sheep.


The series reached a final conclusion with wind and no call to abandon the race.

In what was the fourth race of the series (a bit poor as there were seven expected), GFS results were promising with Passion X 2nd in Division 1 (Gold), Hasta La Vista 2nd in Division 2 (Blue), Allons-Y 1st in Division 3 (Black) and Mistress 2nd in Division 4 (Green). In all, about 15 GFS crews contested this race.

This race also marked the end of the series. In overall results Allons-Y was the stand-out 1st place in PHS Division 3 with Capriole a close second. Well done!

Click to view GFS Series Results (Updated).

Also Allons-Y and Wind Charmer did very well to be 1st and 3rd in ORC Division 3. We will wait to see where Passion X finishes up in ORC Division 1 when their handicap is corrected.

Next year it is GFS turn to organise the Winter series and hopefully we will be better at organising wind each fortnight.

Apologies to Channel 9

This year, on Saturday August 12, the popular Block renovation series heads to Greenwich, a small riverside suburb in Sydney’s north.

Participants, who Patron Keith says “are all up for the challenge”, will renovate the ageing weatherboard heritage clubhouse in various teams in a range of tasks.

Perhaps referring to some of the participants, Commodore David announced “They’re all in their 90s now, relics from a bygone era, and sure, they need some TLC, but it would have been heartbreaking to see them all bulldozed”.

Architect and Clubhouse Manager Mark said the clubhouse would be on “Death Row”, earmarked for demolition if the willing band of anticipated participants fail to show up.

Safety is always a concern in any renovation exercise and Safety Officer Julian has taken enormous leaps to ensure safety procedures are in place and to this end the defibrillator will be checked as will the contents of the medical kit.

This year teams of ‘Blockheads’ will represent Twilight Blue, Twilight Black, Twilight Gold, Twilight White, Twilight Orange, Twilight Green, Saturday Blue, Saturday Green/White, Sunday Laser, Sunday Juniors, The Joe Walsh Group, Mick York Crew and The Cruisers and will contest what promises to be a spectacular event.  Team organiser and Membership Secretary Chris expects the team challenge to surpass that of previous seasons.

The Deck of Knowledge will provide a suitable back-drop for many of the activities and Protest Convener Mike will be on hand to solve any disputes. Any on water activities will be carefully managed by Rear Commodore Junior Rob with technical assistance from Laser Manager Ian who will also ensure that strict environment precautions are in place.

To feed the hungry renovation teams Social Secretary Glenda has sourced the finest array of cultured beef for the BBQ which will signal the culmination and end of the event.

All-in-all it promises to be a fabulous opportunity to get together and help Maintenance Mark keep the clubhouse ship-shape.

It scarcely seems winter, so faint is the breeze
That stirs the GFS pennant there on the mast,
So idly on high float the white sails along,
So sweet is the note of the delayed start’s song,
So lazily loiter the yachts where they stand,
So warm is the sunshine that lies on the crews.                                        Apologies to Andrew Downing


WHWS Race 6 proved to be a non-event with the race failing to start.  There could have been several reasons for this – lack of enthusiasm shown by crews on yachts, the euphoria after both DSC and BSC Annual General Meetings held the morning before the race, lack of beer on the start boat or perhaps lack of breeze. However a lovely Winter’s day to be out on the water as evidenced by the smiling faces of skippers and crews as they drifted past the start boat

There is one remaining chance for the wind to turn up!

Race 7  Sunday July 30

Following the race there will be presentations at DSC for the winners of the series in each division.

If you really wish to join in for the LAST race –

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are on the Balmain Club Website or here –NOR and Sailing Instructions.

Entry System via the Balmain Sailing Club’s website (scroll over the ‘Racing’ tab and click on ‘Race Entry (Keelboats)’.

GFS Yachts who have paid their annual fees can still enter this event at no charge.

All competitors will be racing under the Performance Handicapping System (PHS). However some have opted to race under the ORC Club Measurement based handicapping system.

Upcoming Events

  • 18/10/2017Twilight Spring Series Race 3
  • 21/10/2017Saturday Spring Series Race 5
  • 25/10/2017Twilight Spring Series Race 4
  • 28/10/2017Saturday Spring Series Race 6
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