SailPass is a way for people who are not yet a Member of a sailing club to be eligible to sail in GFS races in accordance with Rule 46 of the 2021-24 Racing Rules of Sailing.

SailPass offers a flexible, accessible and affordable introduction to sailing for people new to the sport and, importantly for SailPass holders and boat-owners alike, provides personal injury insurance cover through Australian Sailing.

From 1st January 2022, all persons on board a boat while racing with GFS must either be:

  • a GFS Full or Crew member,
  • a member of a Club affiliated to Australian Sailing and have an Australian Sailing number,
  • an international competitor who is a member of club affiliated to a World Sailing recognised Member National Authority, OR
  • hold a valid Sail Pass.

Casual or new sailors can sail in GFS races on three separate occasions with a valid SailPass, after which they will need to become crew members of the club. There is no cost involved for these 3 Sailpass races.

To obtain a GFS SailPass, click the ‘GFS SailPass Entry Form’ button below or use the QR code with a mobile phone, and complete the form displayed. This QR code should also be available on the boat you intend to be a crew on. You may apply for a single Sailpass three times, or use the QR code or button link below to nominate two or more separate sailing dates up to the limit of 3.

Note that all current GFS Members, and financial members of other Australian Sailing affiliated Clubs, already comply with Rule 46 and do not require a SailPass.

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 GFS SailPass
 GFS SailPass

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