ISAF Rules Protest Form

GFS SI 22. Protests. A Red Flag or Code Flag B will be recognised as a protest flag. The starter must be notified of the protest on completion of the race in which the protest occurred. All protests shall be made in writing, addressed to the Protest Convener and lodged at the club within two hours of the finish of the last boat in that division on the day of the event in which the protest arises. For Twilight events the deadline will be one hour after the scheduled time limit of the event. All the provisions of RRS – Part 5 must be followed. Protest hearings will be held within one week, whenever possible, at the Clubhouse. Protest hearings will not be adjourned on the grounds of non-attendance of protester, protestee or witness. The committee may uphold or reject a protest on grounds of non-attendance. Where places as shown on the Race Result Sheet are subject to adjustment as a result of a protest, the Protest Convener will notify any such change to the affected yacht or yachts.

Protest Decisions:

2021 03 13 Koko v Capriole – protest dismissed

20190313  Decision Foxy and Blue Chip

20190304  Decision Vitesse and French Connection

20181118  Decision Takana and Izzi

20171014  Decision Foxy and TISM

20170217  Decision Tana and Monkey Business

20170207  Decision  Mistress and L’Attidude

20170128  Decision  Avanti and Izzi

20161112  Decision  Hasta La Vista and Monkey Business

20160316  Decision Foxy and Naughty Call

20160316 Decision Foxy and Andiamo

20160120 Decision Irukandji and Jackpot III

20151007  Decision Dolphin II vs L’Atitude – Protest Dismissed

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