The winners of the 2020 GFS ADR race were prevented from attending the Sydney Town Hall for a medal presentation due to Covid restrictions. Hopefully there will be a ceremony there for the GFS 2021 winners.

However, there are engraved medallions for the 2020 winners on the window ledge near the trophy cabinet at the club to collect (if not already).

2020 Medallions on window ledge


Death Star          White Division 

Jester                  Gold Division

Streetfighter      Green Division


              Break Wind


              Wild Side (Aiden Senior)


              Irukandji             Division 1

              Paca                    Division 2

There are also 2020 medallions for

              Pacific Edge        2nd Division 1

              Speedwell          2nd Division 2

2021 Medallions on window ledge in envelopes

              Blue Chip            2nd Division 1

              Tana                    3rd Division 1

              Starelan              3rd Division 2

2021 2nd and 3rd place Twilight medallions will be sorted soon.

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