There is some confusion which relates to a statement made by the Service NSW Representative at the recent Skippers’ Briefing regarding the Bradley’s Head Safe Water mark.

bh-markFor our courses it is a requirement that this mark be left to PORT if you are sailing in the vicinity of the mark.

Sailing Instruction 25 n vii states the wording which was included in the GFS Aquatic Licence –

‘Bradleys Head Safe Water Mark – Condition 100 of the GFS Aquatic Licence. All vessels navigating in the vicinity of the safe water mark, 350m from Bradleys Head, should pass to the North of the buoy when proceeding westward and should pass to the South of the buoy when proceeding eastward.’

This simply means it should be left to Port when travelling in either direction and as it is included in our Sailing Instructions it must be complied with in order to sail the correct course.

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