BBQ_First_SummerThe first of the summer Series Twilight races was run on Wednesday 10th December in conditions similar the the past few weeks and very “un-summer”  like. We only experienced one close lightning event a big improvement on last week when the now regular Sydney storms with lightning and a 35 knot front caused the cancellation of the last Autumn twilight race.


Conquista Rob Hale Black Division Winner


Peter Clarke Avanti Blue Division Winner

This week we just had 5mm of rain and 90 degree wind shifts. Much fun was had by all and every one was a winner if a little damp for the experience.

A smaller than usual group of diners stayed on for the BBQ cosy in the shed. You can see their happy faces in the photo above along with photos of the Black and Blue Division winners on the night receiving their prizes donated by our valued sponsors. Full results are here.

Next week will be the Christmas BBQ which is always very popular.


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