Prior to competing in GFS events, you will need to complete and lodge a safety audit and upload it and your Proof of Insurance details to TopYacht.

Dockside audits were quick and efficient provided owners were ready.  Please review the audit requirements posted on the link below.
On the last audit day, some boats did not have safety gear deployed – life jackets out for on-deck viewing, anchor and chain visible on foredeck, Proof of Insurance, Audit documentation completed by the skipper or representative and the other mandated items and first aid kit in the cockpit.
If gear is not on deck and forms not completed you will be turned away until this is completed.

Remaining Audit Dates

 Twilight fleet

Sunday 25/9/22 – Twilight Fleet Day 2

Please refer to the process outlined on the email from the Safety Officer or on the link here – GFS Safety Notice to Skippers#1

For information regarding Fire Extinguishers – go here – amsa707_inspection_of_portable_fire_extinguishers

For a template for Category 7 Medical Kit contents go here – Medical Kit

David Leslie, GFS Safety Officer

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