Hi everyone,

I have been serving in the role of Twilight Captain for 7 years and I feel the time has come to pass this on to someone else.

I started at the beginning of the 2018/2019 Twilight Season. I have enjoyed the role and interacting with so many members, especially my fellow committee members. The Covid years were tough, with cancellations, Persons-On-Board lists and many other hurdles, but we have now completed our first season in a “Business as Usual” fashion. Everything is ship-shape again and ready for hand-over.

I give special thanks to those who worked closely with me to help make the racing events happen: Bram Penberthy (Handicap Officer), David Edmiston (lead Course Setter), Peter Hamilton (Safety Officer) and Phil Hare (Sailing Secretary).

I would like to thank the many starters we have had over the last 7 years, most recently Belle Blandin de Chalain and Liam West.

The Twilight Race Events would not have been so popular without the dinners afterwards, always organised in superb fashion by Glenda Cameron-Strange and Holly Charalambous.

I would also like to thank John Veale and Steve Bradley for their support as Commodore and Vice-Commodore.

I will continue sailing, so you will see me out on the harbour or at the dinners. I will be available to help the new Twilight Captain whenever required. If you are interested in the role or you know a good candidate, please send an email to myself and John Veale.

Cheers everyone,

Nick Murphy.

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