Twilight Captain

This was a very difficult race! Winds were forecast by various sources between 8 and 10 knots at the start, fading to 6 to 8 knots at the finish.   As we know, the wind faded to a patchy 0 to 4 knots.  The wind was swirling, with boats pointing in all directions.  There were even reports of boats on the same heading but with one on starboard tack and the other on port.   We had a great turnout of 68 boats, but unfortunately only 15 finished.

Courses were set with the original forecasts in mind.   Our intrepid course setter, Mark Rhodes, set courses appropriate for the forecasts at the time and ran them past both the Commodore, Pam Joy and the Twilight Captain, yours truly, before they were put up on the boards.   Let’s hope for better luck next week.

We wish to thank our Starters, Hugh Vaughan and James Curr, who had a busy start but a very easy finish.

Keep sailing and stay safe!

Nick Murphy

Social Secretary

In these days of social distancing, it is sometimes difficult for sailors who are new to the club to find a boat to sail on.   We would encourage any skippers who are short of crew, even for just one race, to check our Facebook page for sailors looking for crew positions.  Skippers can also post their own ads.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, Yachtworks, Sydney 4×4, Back Vintage, Helly Hansen, Joe Walsh Rigging, Doyle-MacDiarmid Sails, Robert Oatley Wines and Zjoosh.   Please support them and mention GFS when you make a purchase.

Glenda Cameron-Strange

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