The Combined Clubs (BSC, DSC and GFS) are very pleased to announce that as of Thursday (May 12) 65 yachts have been entered in the 2016 West Harbour Winter Series.

This year there will be in Five Divisions, with the 5th division being for a fleet of J70s.

Follow the link below to the Sailing Instructions. Note: There is also an amendment which includes Division 5  (J70s) –

Follow this link to entrants, divisions and handicaps:

The level of interest in the measurement handicapping system being used in this years series, ORC Club is most pleasing. It is expected that as many as 18 competitors will be competing under the ORC Club measurement rule. ALL competitors will still be rated using the usual PHS which remains the events principal handicap. Those with an ORC certificate will be given PHS and ORC results.


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