Since its inception in 2013 the WHWS has been a huge success and we are hoping to build on that success in 2016.  The Notice of Race for the 4th Annual West Harbour Winter Series (WHWS) is here.  As with previous years, there will be 7 races, commencing with Race 1 on the Sunday the 15th of May 2016.

We are again looking forward to some great racing across at least 4 divisions.

The inaugural 2013 Series was hosted by BSC however in 2013 it was DSC who out-performed the other clubs. In 2014 DSC hosted the series which was dominated by GFS.  GFS hosted the 2015 series which was dominated by BSC.

In 2016 the WHWS has come full-circle with Balmain Sailing Club becoming the host club.

With support from Yachting Australia we are planning on introducing the measurement handicap system ‘ORC Club’. This will not replace the usual PHS handicapping system. Results under the ORC Club rule will be published alongside the PHS results.

Unlike other measurement based systems ORC Club is an inexpensive, ‘owner declared’, measurement system that has a transparent formula for determining a boats rating. (Anyone who holds a current ORCi Certificate can compete without having to apply for an ORC Club certificate).

I’d encourage people to read the information on the following links:

PHS favours consistent sailing, and occasionally favours those that consistently improve. However, unlike PHS, ORC Club won’t penalise you for sailing well – it will give you a fixed rating based on the design characteristics of your boat (it will favour those with clean hulls, decent sails and good teamwork!).

Yachting Australia will be hosting a Q&A seminar on ORC Club and local Sailmakers and sponsors of BSC and DSC, Sydney Sailmakers have agreed to assist owners with boat measurements following the seminar.

The Balmain Sailing Club invites all competitors interested in getting an ORC Club rating to the Q&A session at 10am on Sunday the 10th of April at the Balmain Sailing Club.

Yachting Australia have agreed to process Certificates for a promotional rate of $60.00 (cost).

The WHWS, with support from GFS, DSC, BSC, Yachting Australia and importantly competitors will be the first in Sydney to embrace this initiative.

Please, get on board and support this initiative and help us to position the WHWS at the forefront of racing development in Australia.

All competitors need to enter the WHWS via the Balmain Sailing Club website. There is no fee payable for entrants from BSC, DSC and GFS who have paid their club’s annual entry fee. Your entry automatically puts you into the PHS series and you will have the option of entering under the ORC Club rating rule.

Come along to the Q&A seminar and consider having your boat rated under the ORC Club rule.

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