Please see the link to the list of entrants as from yesterday afternoon (more have yet to be added), the Sailing Instructions and the Course Maps for the 2020 West Harbour Winter Series.

Race 1 is scheduled for Sunday the 3rd of May, however, given that the racing is in essence meant to be for fully crewed boats, the current social distancing rules are such that we will not be racing this Sunday.

However, in the spirit of optimism we are pushing forward with race preparations so that as soon as it is safe to do so, we can get out and go racing (hopefully in time for race 2).

Race divisions will be published prior to the first race that we sail (allowing for late entries).

ORC Measurement Handicapping

We would like to encourage as many boats as possible to participate in the ORC fixed measurement handicap racing.

  • The BSC introduced ORC Club handicapping to the West Harbour Winter Series in 2016 and 22 competitors took part.
  • If you have a production boat, getting a ratings certificate is relatively simple.
  • ORC measurement handicapping uses a transparent velocity prediction program to determine a boats performance.
  • ORC uniquely gives race organisations the opportunity to handicap boats based on wind strength across three wind ranges.
  • ORC certificates also include short-handed, non-spinnaker, inshore and offshore ratings [the BSC uses non spinnaker ratings for our twilight series].
  • the BSC is the only club in Australia that utilises ORC handicapping using the wind ratings provided on an ORC certificate. 
  • ORC Club certificates are an affordable means of participating in a measurement handicapping system [$90 p.a. through Australian Sailing in 2019].
  • You or your sail-maker need to measure your sails and input the data into your ORC Club application.
  • You can create a free account with ORC and download the certificates of thousands of other boats that hold a certificate and compare your ratings.
  • Apply here.

If you have previously held a certificate, we will use your most recent ratings up until the completion of the third race of this series, after which time each participating boat will need to supply an updated ratings certificate. We will then reprocess results retrospectively. New certificates are issued after June 30, 2020. They are generally processed quickly by ORC. You will need to chase AS who ‘administer’ the ratings certificates.

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