The series reached a final conclusion with wind and no call to abandon the race.

In what was the fourth race of the series (a bit poor as there were seven expected), GFS results were promising with Passion X 2nd in Division 1 (Gold), Hasta La Vista 2nd in Division 2 (Blue), Allons-Y 1st in Division 3 (Black) and Mistress 2nd in Division 4 (Green). In all, about 15 GFS crews contested this race.

This race also marked the end of the series. In overall results Allons-Y was the stand-out 1st place in PHS Division 3 with Capriole a close second. Well done!

Click to view GFS Series Results (Updated).

Also Allons-Y and Wind Charmer did very well to be 1st and 3rd in ORC Division 3. We will wait to see where Passion X finishes up in ORC Division 1 when their handicap is corrected.

Next year it is GFS turn to organise the Winter series and hopefully we will be better at organising wind each fortnight.

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