Forget the Solitude of winter and watching Tana coach the Auckland Blues, leave the Mistress to Zig Zag down to the club with Flair in a blazing Fireball on August 13 to share in a Blue Chip experience with some L’Atitude in a Knockabout way at the annual working bee.

Saltbush Bill has devised a plan to rid the club of any Highland Ghosts, Infidels, Cockatoos, Fireflys, Wayward items and Eggshells left over after twilights. Possibly it will take My Turn and have a Dump Truck to remove the rubbish. As well a Beware of the Dog sign will be placed to protect the Irukandji and Dolphin populations.

All Our Girls, Chloe, Annabella, Old Mother, Sami, Izzi, Jester and Rex will be there, and, Gwhizz you don’t have to wear Tartan, just bring Passion and the result will be Worlds Apart. We will avoid any Shemozzle and will definitely improve the Seascape which will not leave you Jayded or be more than you can Bear.  The whole effort will require Vitesse and the Velocity of a Force Four gale (which is really a case of Mind/Matter).

Red William will return from Out of Africa where the Umzimkulus won the Jackpot to play the Soundtrack for the event with Disco Trooper the Foxy DJ. This may turn into a Riverdance to avoid any Agrovation.

Don’t be Pistol Dawn (that’s a bit of a Naughty Call) the night before, jump on a Sweet Chariot and Flashback down to the club Avanti to help out on August 13 from 9.00am. Hasta La Vista.

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