A reminder to all members that Membership renewals are due by 30 June. This is particularly important for skippers and crew actively racing in our winter racing series. Australian Sailing top-up personal injury insurance coverage lapses as at 1 July.  Additionally, yachts sailing with unfinancial crew may be subject to disqualification if involved in a protest. It is also important for all full members who may wish to exercise their voting rights at the upcoming July 13 Annual General Meeting, during which ratification of a new Constitution for the Club will be voted on. Current voting entitlements lapse as at July 1 when the new season fees fall due. A direct link to the renewals page is here https://members.gfs.org.au/ .

During renewal, some members may get a browser message advising the site connection is not secure. We’re working on a fix but for the moment please disregard this warning and proceed.  It results from our system using a valid security module but one whose age is too old for FireFox/Chrome to consider current.

We are in the process of rebuilding our membership system so that more recent versions of the security module are compatible with it, but it was not ready in time for us to use during this season’s renewal period.

If you remain disinclined to accept this risk, please give Chris Gaskell (mob 0432018081) a call and he will make alternate arrangements to accept your CC transaction over the phone.

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