The GFS prize presentation get together is on Saturday May 28 commencing at 3.00pm at the GFS clubhouse.

This Is Serious Mum so don’t be at Avalon or off on a jaytripper or etesian adventure that day. Speedwell down and enjoy the seascape and keep an eye out for dolphin, meerkat, irukandji and pejo lark amongst other creatures frolicking with flair in the water. There is no etchiban on anyone from attending and it will be a vesille afternoon. On y va to all the recipients of prizes, it is a bit like winning the jackpot. Kia kaha!  It was certainly a challenge worthy of a conquista to reach utopia in the pointscore.

It is expected that all amateau sailors will arrive at the club hasta la vista and the aim is to paca the clubhouse jester for the afternoon and I’m sure we will be able to force four more in. Entertainment will comprise hula dancing, a wind charmer, a joka and another jester and banjo player, which will get the adrenaline pumping and leave us all with a feeling of serendipity. Later in the evening there may be even an aurora and a visit from the highland ghost which will be a good tonic for Bob if he shows up which will be worth a tana to watch.

Beware of the dog at the door, pea jay in the right place, avoid any shemozzle and enjoy the afternoon which will be world’s apart. The barubi will be open for a range of beverages (including aetos, capriole and ausreo). You will need to standown when served.

G whizz it will be madder n badder and a great chance to leave the passion X of mistress, Annabella, for the afternoon and have a joli time.

It would be great to have a good roll-up of all members at the club (not just prize recipients).

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