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A good representation of GFS skippers attended a function in the Lord Mayors reception room at Sydney Town Hall to receive first place medallions for the GFS races held to commemorate Australia Day. The group looked resplendent without their boats in a convivial atmosphere.



First place recipients in GFS Yacht Divisions

Twilight Blue Division French Connection Michael Murphy
Twilight Green Division Shemozzle John Hayward and Paul Clune
Twilight White Division Jaytripper Mark Rhodes
Twilight Gold Division Jester Tim Harrington
Twilight Orange Division Evo Richard Wood
Twilight Black Division Lisdillon Andrew Richardson
Saturday Division 1 Sweet Chariot Ralph Pickering
Saturday Division 2 Flair Phil Hare

Dinghy classes first placings were –

Sabot 1 Up Whisper Felix Laubi
Sabot 2 Up Splasher Isaac Edmunds – Skipper
Liam Barry  – Crew
Senior Laser Max Efffort Ray Vaughan


Again spectacular autumn weather with a breeze that seemed to come from a variety of directions made for a tricky but enjoyable sail. Added to the need for skippers and crews to watch for wind shifts the antics on various harbour cruise boats added an additional distraction.

1531In Blue Division Irukandji were powerful and made perfect use of their asymmetrical kite in the shy conditions as they led the fleet.  Likewise Gwhizz sailed an excellent race and a good dice with Peach Teats Velocity for position on the water. Blue Chip were not far back. StarElan, Foxy and Speedwell sailed as a bunch and seemingly had a good race.  Handicap results were Irukandji, Gwhizz and StarElan.

The Reds had a good race where each yacht had a turn at leading on the water.  Paca were powerful and made a break on the others, Umzimkulu lost a bit of ground shaking out their reef and Flair managed to read the wind shifts so well that they found every hole around the course. A rare spinnaker run through Humbug allowed Flair to make up enough distance to win on handicap from Paca and Umzimkulu.

Next week is the Easter break and Saturday sailing resumes on April 2.

Again spectacular weather and a good northerly breeze!

Conditions were such that Blue Division sailed course 1 to Manly. The long course stretched the fleet which was amplified by lighter wind conditions near Middle Head. Flashback powered away to be well ahead at the finish. Blue Chip were second on the water and first on handicap after sailing a consistent race with visitor Monkey Business third on the water after a close race with Gwhizz. Once again welcome to Paul Glynn and crew.

IMG_1272The longer race threw some of the boats finishing mid-fleet into the mix and after the Chippies handicap places were Foxy and Gwhizz.


In White Division a good breeze at the start had them clear Humbug in no time at all and they made good time to the rounding at Neilsen Park. Tana and Out of Africa made a break on the remainder of the fleet and left Joka, Umzimkulu and Paca to vie for positions in what seemed to be a close group.  On water Tana from Out of Twilight and Joka and the handicap mix – Out of, Joka and Tana.


In Red Division Flair battled any number of sea-going craft, the RSYS start boat ‘Mischief’, the RSYS inshore fleet and a flock of ferries to reach, round and return to and from Clark Island.  Bathed in Sydney sunlight Clark Island looked spectacular as did the huge ‘darlek’ at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair being prepared for Turandot. The spinnaker run home was fast and kept us awake as we sped home and for once it allowed us to go in close to the green buoy at Balls Head and beyond and not be trapped in the normal wind shadow.

Drone1If you were wondering what was the buzzy big mosquito which was ducking and diving around Humbug on the Wednesday twilight a few weeks ago – ponder no more. Chistian Chalambous was piloting his drone and captured some interesting footage of the yachts beating home.


You can see Christian’s  footage on You Tube HERE


There is no sound which, considering some of the close encounters is a good thing, as it may have to have been sensored.

At last the prospect of a steady 15 kt northeaster greeted the fleet. However, the breeze had more north than expected and towards the end of the race increased from around 14 to 20 kts.



Course 15 gave long works and tricky spots to negotiate – particularly at the Berry’s Bay and Goat marks. The TS16 fleet were out in force, Paramatta’s thin fleet were rounding Goat Island and a variety of dinghies and skiffs which seemed to fall over regularly made for a mardi gras like day on the water.


Division one were missing some of the likely suspects some in the Sydney Regatta others perhaps enjoying the start of the NRL season or preparing for whatever was going on in Sydney that evening. Solitude led the fleet and were well suited to the shy conditions with their asymmetrical kite.  Forte Forever were also one of the few to brave a kite and were in hot pursuit.  Foxy continued to improve and the rest of the fleet kept in a bunch. Result on the water was Solitude from Forte and Foxy, whilst on handicap Starelan from Foxy and Solitude


Division 2 had a great race with the fleet always close and making up and losing ground at various points around the course. Scratch and handicap results to Paca from Flair and Umzimkulu II.

Not only does she flash past the screen whilst on her mooring in the television show ‘Here Come the Habibs’ Barubi is now the subject of the Noakes add in this month’s Afloat Magazine.


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