The GFS prize presentation get together is on Saturday May 28 commencing at 3.00pm at the GFS clubhouse.

This Is Serious Mum so don’t be at Avalon or off on a jaytripper or etesian adventure that day. Speedwell down and enjoy the seascape and keep an eye out for dolphin, meerkat, irukandji and pejo lark amongst other creatures frolicking with flair in the water. There is no etchiban on anyone from attending and it will be a vesille afternoon. On y va to all the recipients of prizes, it is a bit like winning the jackpot. Kia kaha!  It was certainly a challenge worthy of a conquista to reach utopia in the pointscore.

It is expected that all amateau sailors will arrive at the club hasta la vista and the aim is to paca the clubhouse jester for the afternoon and I’m sure we will be able to force four more in. Entertainment will comprise hula dancing, a wind charmer, a joka and another jester and banjo player, which will get the adrenaline pumping and leave us all with a feeling of serendipity. Later in the evening there may be even an aurora and a visit from the highland ghost which will be a good tonic for Bob if he shows up which will be worth a tana to watch.

Beware of the dog at the door, pea jay in the right place, avoid any shemozzle and enjoy the afternoon which will be world’s apart. The barubi will be open for a range of beverages (including aetos, capriole and ausreo). You will need to standown when served.

G whizz it will be madder n badder and a great chance to leave the passion X of mistress, Annabella, for the afternoon and have a joli time.

It would be great to have a good roll-up of all members at the club (not just prize recipients).

Please be aware that there is more preliminary surveying being done in the area between Longnose Point and the Coal Loader. This part of the Western Harbour Tunnel project

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The aim of the project is to create a western bypass of the Sydney CBD and take pressure off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Anzac Bridge and Western Distributor corridors to improve transport capacity in and around Sydney Harbour. For more information go to

Whilst in operation, please remain clear of the platform and yellow buoys. If racing, the structure and buoys present a continuing obstruction.


Winners of GFS Australia Day 2022 races have been invited to attend the regatta prize giving at Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday April 12. Winners were TISM (Richie Lees and Michael Coleman), Speedwell (David Quail), Mistress (Ray Hand), Adrenaline (Rolf Lunsmann), Paca (Greg Jaques and Andrew Wise), Vesile (Patrick Medley and Graeme Kennedy), Minnow (Richard Grundy, Much Ado V (Mitch White) and Tennacious (Andreas Laubi).

Hopefully a strong contingent will attend to represent GFS.

Best wishes to the GFS yachts competing in the Sail Port Stephens Regatta 2022, April 4 to 10. GFS yachts which have entered are Aetos, Hasta La Vista, Koko, Passion X, Salty Sea Dog II, Tana, Red William, Silver Spray and Sweeny Todd.

Preparation and Racing on Monday – Tana and Hasta La Vista



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Division 4 after 3 Races

Passion X relaxing between races’

Passion X Racing

Yacht racing in West Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River has additional safety considerations for all skippers involved due to restrictions to vessel movements due to the geography of the area. These waterways are enclosed and restricted by depth. We share these waters with boats from up to five other sailing clubs over a range of performance and speed capabilities.

A recent close contact incident with GFS boats during Saturday racing has been brought to our attention by a member of Parramatta River Sailing Club. While not attributing blame to any party involved as no protest was lodged, the Club takes this opportunity to remind all skippers that Racing Rules of Sailing apply to any vessel racing in any Sailing Australia endorsed event and of course Col Regs apply to all other vessels in a vicinity of possible contact.

As different club courses on any event day will inevitably cross, often in opposite directions, Skippers and their crew must remain aware at all times of vessel movements in their vicinity and be prepared as a matter of courtesy to make their planned course or course adjustments obvious to other close vessels when a likely close contact may occur. A hail or hand signal, and consistent straight steering maybe all that is required and is a means to say g’day to our fellow yachties on the way past.

Don’t forget Col Reg #1, a vessel must at all times maintain an adequate look out and take all steps necessary to avoid contact with other vessels.

There is provision for inter club protests to occur if deemed necessary by lodging a protest in accordance with RRS and your club Sailing Instructions.

David Leslie

GFS Safety Officer

GFS Burgees are back in stock and can be purchased for $40.  Please email the Commodore at  for payment and collection details.

It is encouraging to see that most skippers are entering their crew lists via Top Yacht. Accurate lists are for the benefit for all persons on board. However, please be aware that crew lists for the previous week are deleted on Monday at 12 midnight. If you enter a crew list before then for the following race (Twilight or Saturday) your list will be deleted. Therefore, please enter crew lists for the following week on Tuesday or after.

Please remember all crew require an Australian Sailing number which should be recorded on your crew list. SailPass allows a guest to receive a number valid for three races. Use the QR code in the right hand margin to sign up.

Medallions for first, second and third places are awarded for our designated Australia Day Races.

First place medals are awarded at a presentation at Sydney Town Hall and the winners will receive an invitation from the Lord Mayor.

Second and third place medals are given out at the club and many have been collected.  There are still medals there for Pea Jay, Meerkat, Ausreo, Whiplash, Tonic and Amateau for Twilights.  Paca and Adrenaline for Saturday. It would be appreciated if they could be collected.

Please note Lane Cove Sailing Club is hosting a round of the NSW Sabot State Titles. There are bound to be a number of competitors around when we leave and return from ‘down harbour’.

Lane Cove 12ft SSC – Saturday February 12

Round 1 of the 2021-2022 NSW Sabot State Championships

Start 1300hrs – 3 back-to-back races.

27 boats registered

Twilight BBQ dinners are back thanks to Foodz by ML and starting from Wednesday, 2 February.
Bookings are essential each week as numbers are limited. Contact me with your booking details at .

Race dates for the Joe Walsh Down Harbour Series.

Our catered dinners will be held from Wednesday 2 February onwards.
In the meantime, the Club will be available for you to have a BYO BBQ following our upcoming twilight races (12 & 17 Jan). (No race on 26 Jan Australia Day).
BYO food, drinks, plates, cups and cutlery, etc.
If you use any club items they must be cleaned and returned.

Skippers and crew members (INCLUDING SAILPASS HOLDERS) follow the links below to find Australian Sailing numbers (AS#s)

Changes to the RACING RULES OF SAILING (Rule 46) require all crew to have an AS#.  Crew who have joined a Sailing Club previously (or successfully applied for a SailPass) can look up their AS# either by:

  • If a GFS member, accessing their Member page on the GFS Website ( ) and accessing their page by entering their User Name and Password;



“From 1st January 2022, all persons on board a boat while racing shall be members of a Club affiliated to Australian Sailing and have an Australian Sailing number, or hold a valid Sail Pass….”

In keeping with this requirement, yachts racing in GFS events post 1st January 2022 are required to enter details of all Persons On Board for each race via the TopYacht Persons on Board List Facility along with each crew member’s AS#.  Amongst other things this is intended to ensure that Emergency Contact details are available to GFS for all crew on boats racing in GFS events.  It also means that Australian sailing top-up personal safety insurance will apply to all crew on boats participating in GFS Races.

Emergency Contact details are updated annually for GFS members renewing their memberships and will also be Compulsory fields for completion by crew when applying for a SailPass via the QR Code link on this website (see top right hand column), the QR Code Link in the Sailing Instructions or a SailPass QR Code displayed at the Clubhouse or on boats provided by Skippers.

For Crew financial at other Clubs, valid AS#s also need to be listed in the POB entry for the boat they sail on in each GFS race.  If crew have AS#s but are not financial (or do not have a valid SailPass), this does not meet the RRS requirements and boats on which they are sailing may be disqualified if subject to protest.

GFS SailPass Rules

SailPass arrangements are now available for all crew new (or returning) to sailing in races conducted at GFS.  The online facility allows crew to sail up to 3x times in a season (at this stage free of charge) without formally joining the Club.  The dates can be nominated all at once or singly, but in either case involves a single AS# being issued the first time a SailPass entry is lodged, which must be retained and used for booking subsequent SailPass sessions.  After 3x sails the system will not accept further SailPass applications by that person in a given financial year commencing 1 July.  Crew who already have an AS# but are not currently financial should use their existing AS# in applying for a SailPass.  (Crew with AS#s already can reconfirm them through the Australian Sailing Number Finder – or if members of GFS on their member page ).

Once a crew member has completed the SailPass Application, they will receive an email confirmation that a $0 payment has been received, along with a button (link) in the email enabling download of a receipt.  By Clicking that button and opening the resulting receipt the applicant can view their new AS#.  They should then supply this number to their skipper for entry into the Persons on Board (POB) List via TopYacht.  All other crew who are financial members of GFS, or other Clubs, who are sailing also need to provide their AS#s to skippers for the POB records.

After 3x sails using SailPass crew intending further participation must join GFS as a formal crew member by completing and lodging the Associate Membership Application Form available on the GFS Club Website, after which email instructions will be issued on how to pay a club Crew membership fee using our online credit card payment system.  For these Applicants, their SailPass AS# will then be transferred to a standard GFS Crew membership.

GFS Sailing Instructions have been updated to reflect this requirement.

 GFS SailPass
 GFS SailPass

Crew List
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GFS Facebook Group