GFS again participated as a ‘satellite event in the Australia Day Regatta.  2017 marked the 181st regatta which is regarded as the oldest continuing sailing regatta in the world.

The results for our races in order first, second, third were –

Twilight Blue                    Gwhizz, Worlds Apart, French Connection

Twilight Green                 Tana, Out of Africa, Streetfighter

Twilight White                  Paca, Joka, Amateau

Twilight Orange               Barubi, L’Atitude, The Saints

Twilight Gold                    Disko Trooper, Gem, Mind/Matter

Twilight Black                   Soundtrack, Sweet Chariot, Dump Truck

Saturday Blue                  Forte Forever, Foxy, Eggshells

Saturday Green               Tana, Gwhizz, Flair

Sunday Laser                   Max Effort, Break Wind, Orinoco

 Sabot   1 Up                     Wildside

 Sabot  2 Up                      Sabotage

Medallions were awarded after the various races for second and third places. If you didn’t collect yours they will be in the GFS Sailing Office.

The winners will be invited to attend a presentation at Sydney Town Hall on March 28 to collect their medallions.

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